Sunday, April 11, 2010

Belogradchik Fortress

     Belogradchik Fortress, known also as Kaleto is one of the best preserved fortress in Bulgaria. It's located in the northwestern Bulgaria, near to Belogradchik and together with the Belogradchik Rocks is the city's primary tourist attraction. 

     The first fortress has been build during the Roman Empire. The rock formation was used as natural protection. It has been extended during the 14th century and it become one of the most important strongholds in the region.

     The Belogradchik Rocks are part of the Balkan Mountains. They have red and yellow colors and they have very interesting shapes. The rock formation is made from sandstone and conglomerates. Because of the shapes the rocks are often named after people and objects like Adam and Eve, the goddess Bendida and the Rebel Velko.

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