Friday, September 4, 2015

St. Varvara church, Varvara village (Pazardzhik)

     The small village of Varvara, famous for its hot mineral springs, has other attractions to offer to the visitors as well. It is situated at the foot of the Northern slopes of the Western Rhodope Mountain, 20 km west of Pazardzhik. Several Thracian tombs are found on the territory of Varvara. There are also many small chapels in the forests around the area, like St. Marina for example.

     One of the best preserved chapels is the small "St. Varvara" church, build in 1814. During the years a small village was formed around the church. Аs per the legend it has been named after the chapel’s patron saint - Varvara. It may seem a bit strange that the church is half built under the ground. When I asked why, I was told by the locals that it wasn't possible to build it higher back then, because of the times they were living in - the times of the Ottoman rule.

     Being inside, you can still feel the spirit of the past, which has been preserved in the drawings on the church's walls.

     If you haven't been there you definitely should visit this aria!
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