Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy BDay to me!!! :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


What a better place to relax than the countryside! 

Varvara village near Pazardzhik.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Welcome To My Kitchen: from our garden.

   There is nothing better than the taste of the fruits from your own garden. It's priceless! Especially when you live in the city and you usually don't have other choice then to go to the super market. 

Špples, pears and grapes:

Dried apples and walnuts:

One BIG thank you to my parents!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My favorite travel destinations - Trieste, Italy

     Trieste is located on the Adriatic Sea in northeastern part of Italy. It has a very specific architecture stile which I like very much. If you happen to be there don't miss the chance to visit Miramar Castle, build between 1856 and 1860 and situated on 8 km from the city.

      Miramar Castle:

    Among the many many other things, Trieste is also famous with its wind - the so called "Bora". It's a very cold and dry wind that can reach speeds of up to 200 km per hour. So in case you are planning your trip to this part of Italy, don't forget to check the weather forecasts :)

    Lucky for me the weekend I've spend there was hot and sunny! I went to Trieste to visit a friend and to watch the "Barcolana regatta". It's a boat race which is taking place every second week of October. 

   The race is starting at 10 am on Sunday but you can enjoy watching the boats sailing in the sea days before the race .  There were 2000 boats participating in this year's Barcolana. 

     Here is something that you don't see everyday - a flying boat!

     On Sunday morning the boats are sailing to the start line...

    ...and at 10 am the race is starting:

     Unfortunately there was almost no wind and the boats were very slow. But on the other side the view was amazing! :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Lake in Druzhba

     Have you been to the park with the lake in Druzhba? It's located in the southeastern part of Sofia, near the St "Vuvedenie Bogorodichno" church and St. Naum of Ohrid.

     The lake has formed more than three decades ago, during excavation works for the extraction of construction materials. Nowadays it turns to be a very nice place which has the potential to become very popular tourist destination with a bit of investments and publicity. There are some very nice pubs around it which are usually full. Especially during the summerIt also appears that the lake is suitable for fishing. You can see a lot of people trying their luck there every day :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Do something different! Part 3 :)

     And for those of you who are wondering what's happening with my new hobby, here are some new pictures! :)

     Salt and Pepper hand-painted jars:

     Hand-painted wine bottle:

You can see more in my online shop - "Under the rainbow".

Monday, August 5, 2013


    The protected area of Irakli is located at 7 kilometers north of the village of Emona. It's remote from the large resorts and is mainly visited by people, who are looking to get in touch with the surrounding nature. You can see there the tents of many people, who prefer alternative tourism.

     Irakli has been declared as a protected area on 6 May 1994 and I really hope that we will be smart enough to save this incredible place for the future. Especially because there aren't so many left of them. 

    The Vaya river stands between the Vaya beach, where some construction works are already in progress and the Irakly Beach. The last one hopefully will remain untouched. Sometimes I think that it will be much better if we just don't know that such places exists so they can survive :)

    However I also need to say that, compared with the other resorts here at least you can still hear your own thoughts. If you have been to Sunny Beach or Sv. Vlas for example you know what I am talking about. :)

The Vaya River:

 Irakli Beach:

Vaya Beach:

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