Sunday, July 31, 2016

Upper Struma river valley, Vitosha

      Here is another perfect escape from the hot weather in Sofia. You will find it along the upper Struma river valley in Vitosha mountain, between the villages of Bosnek and Chuypetlovo. 

      Here are some interesting facts for the area:

  • Near the village of Bosnek, along the valley of "Dobri dol" river in the area called "Living water", you will find the dragon spring. You will see sings just at the end of the village. To reach the spring you just need to follow the road.
  • On the road between the two villages is located the entrance to the longest cave in Bulgaria, called "Duhlata". It was created by the underground currents of the Struma River. Unfortunately the access to the cave is restricted. It can be visited only by researchers or experienced cavers with permission by Vitosha Nature Park Directorate.

  • Chuypetlovo is the only settlement in the interior of Vitosha Mountain. It is situated at a medium altitude of 1225 m, which makes it the highest village in Vitosha.

Siesta time :)

Struma river:

Monday, July 18, 2016

Taste of Madrid...getting hungry :)

     Casa Mingo: The best grilled chicken and cider in town!

     Chocolateria San Gines: The best place to have ‪churros‬ with chocolate for the first time :)

     And last, but not least - a calamari sandwiches - Bar El Brillante in Plaza del Emperador Carlos V 8 (Atocha).

Saturday, July 2, 2016

"Dendrarium Vitosha"

    The term "Dendrarium" comes from the Greek word for tree "dundron". In many western countries as synonym of "Dendrarium" is used the term "Arboretum", which originates from the Latin word for tree: "arbor".

   "Dendrarium Vitosha” is a botanical garden where you can see many plant species, typical for the area. It's located just after Boyana neighborhood on the right side of the road,leading to the Golden Bridges.

     It is also a park. There you will find a small lake, surrounded by wooden benches, where you can have a nice picnic far away from the stress in the big city. In 2004 in the "Dendrarium Vitosha” was built a sport infrastructure, known today as "The rope garden". There is an instructor, who assists and supervises the crossing of the rope bridges to guarantee the safety of the children. 

     And last, but not least "Dendrarium" Vitosha is also a very nice place to hold your child's birthday party :)

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