Saturday, May 8, 2010

My "Must Visit" list - The Seven Rila lakes

I have visited the Rila Monastery once when I was a child but since then I still can't find the time to visit it again. And this is not the only place I would love to visit. I haven't been to the Seven Rila lakes as well even if this is one of my top ten destinations to visit in Bulgaria.

My home town - Vratsa

                  Here are some nice places that you can visit if you happen to be around :)

                                                  Ethnographic complex “Sofronii Vrachanski“

                                                                The Clock Towers

                                                                  "Hristo Botev" Square

                                         The Kurtpashova Tower and the Historical Museum,
                                         where you can see the treasure of Rogozen

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