Thursday, April 28, 2016

Natural Easter Egg Dyes - Expectations vs results

     Let me continue my previous post dedicated to the natural Easter egg dyes and my plan for this year's Easter eggs. I have to say that there were several surprises compared to my original expectations.

      Here are the lessons learned:
  • Red Onion - If you remember I was expecting to get brown and/or red color and I am happy to say that the result was exactly as expected! To get rich color you need to boil the eggs together with the red onion peels or to put them in the water while it's still hot. You can still use the water after that to dye the eggs and the color will be still lovely but less rich. 
  • As per the yellow onion - Here the expectation was to get green and/or yellow color. Well, as you can see from the below photo, I actually got orange color which was a pleasant surprise. 

  • Red Cabbage - Here I was expecting blue and/or purple color and it turned out correct! In order to get the color, you need to boil the red cabbage leaves first and then to cover the egg with them and leave it like this until you get the color that you like. In this way you will get this nice effect that you can see from the below photo :) You also can use just the colored water to dye your Easter eggs and to get an even color.

  • The same for the turmeric - I got nice yellow color exactly as I was expecting. But you need to put the eggs in hot water, otherwise the yellow won't be as rich as you would like it to be (you can see the difference between the two yellow eggs in the photo below).
  • As per the tea, where I was expecting brown color, and the Carrot, where I was expecting yellow and/or orange, I got grey color at the end. Maybe I did something wrong or I used the wrong kind of tea... not sure :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Parks & gardens in Sofia - "The Bells" (Kambanite) Park

      The Kambanite (The Bells) park and the monument were created and dedicated to the children from all over the world during the Communist period. For several years it was totally neglected. Fortunately in 2010 the park has been restored and today we can once again enjoy the ringing of the bells (or at least to the ones that are still standing as unfortunately some of the bells are now missing).

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