Saturday, June 29, 2013

Welcome to my kitchen Part 3

     And here come the salads. :)

     The most popular and typical salads that you can taste in Bulgaria are: 

Green salad made by lettuce, radishes and cucumbers. In addition you can add vinegar, oil and salt and it's done ;)

Tarator: which is more like a cold soup and it's perfect for the summer ;) You just need yogurt, garlic, dill, cucumbers, salt and olive oil.

And let's not forget the most important "ingredient" of all salads listed above - a glass of Rakia. Cheers! :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Welcome to my kitchen Part 2

      Here are the first three dishes that are coming to my mind when I start thinking of the cuisine I've grown up with :).

      The first one is fried meatballs, also known in Bulgaria as kyufteta (кюфтета). You need just some mincemeat, onions, eggs, dry bread, salt, pepper, savory, cumin, paprika, fresh parsley. Then you mixed them all together. Yes, it's that easy! Well you also need to fry the meatballs then, that can take some time :)

Homemade Meatballs:

       Fried zucchini! They are very crispy and also very tasty, especially served with yogurt mixed with garlicdill, oil and salt

     As for the potatoes, I like them boiled and mixed with butter, salt, garlic and dill ;)

To be continued...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Welcome to my kitchen

      I've realized that I haven't told you much about our cuisine. The Bulgarian cuisine is very close to the ones of the rest of the countries on the Balkan Peninsula. But this is not a surprise for anyone. And still the fact that they are similar doesn't mean that they are identical. Let me tell you about the cuisine that I grow up with.

       If you don't mind I would like to start from the dessert :)

     One of my favorite dessert is banitsa. Some of you could be a bit surprised that I am listing it as dessert. There is a very big variety of recipes for preparing it and normally it's not sweet. However in my family we like it sweet. We are preparing it with cheese, eggs, yogurt and sugar.

     Since I was a little girl I love to have "mekitsi" for breakfast. It's basically a fried dough. I like them filled in with cheese and eggs and I am eating them with honey. Well, what can I say.. I guess I just love sweet things :)  

   And last but not least one of my favorite desserts is the Home-made biscuit cake. It's very easy to prepare and it's also very tasty. You need just biscuits and cream. I am far from saying that it's typical bulgarian dessert. You can find it almost everywhere. I just love it :)

To be continued...

Friday, June 7, 2013

Do something different! Part 2 :)

      Do you remember my post about the workshop organized by "Zелена" ? I've promised to myself that this won't be the last time for me to spend my free-time in glass painting and it wasn't. Never thought that I'd be so inspired! I've bought all the necessary stuff and I've started painting everything that is made from glass :) I am enjoying this so much that I just can't stop. It's the best hobby ever! :)

     If you like my work and you want to see more you can visit Under the rainbow - Hand painted glass.

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