My Bulgaria

    You might ask me what is Bulgaria for you? So let me tell you :)

    Bulgaria for me is my home town - Vratsa
    It's the countryside, where I used to spend my summer vacations. 
    It's the sea side, where I used to go with my family each year. 
    It's the city I am leaving in today, the capital - Sofia.

    But Bulgaria for me is not just places, it is the unique combination of people, places, traditions and local cuisine!

    Here is a list of my favorite trips in Bulgaria:
     Let me show you My Bulgaria in some lovely photos taken from one very talented self-taught photographer - Nelly Tsonova. 

The Herald of Freedom Monument, Vratsa: 

The view from the panoramic hill "Hijata", Vratsa:

    The country side:

The taste of the home-grown vegetables is the best!

    The seaside:

The old city of Nesebar:

And last but not least - Sofia:

View from Vitosha mountain:

Graf Ignatiev Str.

The fountain in front of the Presidency building:

This is "My Bulgaria"!

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