My Trips | Europe | 2007 - 2015

  • Florence -  if you want to spend a quiet afternoon enjoying the sun and reading a book, Giardino di orticoltura is the right place for you. It's one of my favorite parks in Florance. The entrance to the park is at the corner of Via Vittorio Emanuele II and Via XX Settembre. 
  • Siena - if you want to feel the spirit of the city don't miss the The Palio Horse Race taking place every year on July 2 and August 16! I haven't seen so big variety of emotions anywhere else. There will be people screaming, laughing and crying. Sometimes even doing all that at the same time :)
  • San Quirico d'orcia - it's a very small and charming village you'll fall in love with from the first site! It can be easaly reached by bus from Siena, but make sure to check the bus schedual in advance.
  • Cinque terre - each of the five small coastal villages -  Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso, has something to offer to the visitors. It's a perfect place for a one day trip or for a weekend.
  • Trieste - one of the biggest events of the year is the Barcolana regatta - a historic international sailing regatta, taking place every year in the Gulf of Trieste on the second Sunday of October.
  • Venice -  prefer to visit Venice off- season, in November for example, when there are not so many tourists and you can have a nice quiet walk, exploring the city.  
  • Bologna - if you have the time I recommend you to take a car and visit the Colli Bolognesi or at least visit the Santuario di S. Luca, where you can go on food
  • Ferrara - it's the perfect one day trip town!
  • Ravenna - it's another town which is perfect for one day trip!
  • Rimini - go to the the Pink night (La Notte Rosa) - an annual festival, started in 2006, involving the Emilia-Romagna Adriatic Riviera. It's one of the biggest events in Italy with many live concerts and fireworks. It's held each year on the first weekend of July.
  • Milan - not my favorite city but I have to admit that here - at Luini (Via Santa Radegonda, 16, near the Duomo) I had the best panzerotti. I recommend you the classic taste of Tomato and Mozzarella.
  • Desenzano del garda - if you plan to stay here for a day or two I recommend you staying at the B&B -Tower of the old King, just at the center of the town.
  • Verona - it's also a nice place to spend a sunny afternoon. 
  • Rome - my favorite neighborhood in Rome is Trastevere. I love its narrow cobbled streets, the architecture and its spirit.
  • Bari - bear in mind that the local accent is very strong in that part of Italy. It might be difficult for you to understand some of the locals, even if you speak some Italian :)
  • Lecce - the best pizza I’ve had was in Pizza&Co(?), at the corner of  Via Giuseppe Libertini and Vicolo Santa Venera, right in the historic center of the town. Next to the pizzeria is the best Puccieria in Lecce! Puccia is the name of a sandwich that you definitely should taste and Lecce is the right place for that! 
  • Alberobello - you will need at least two days, so that you can fully enjoy the village.
  • Castellana grotte - don't miss to visit the Castellana's caves!
  • Galipoli - it's a charming small town easily reached by bus from Lecce.
  • Otranto - it's another charming town, perfect one day trip! Also easily reached by bus from Lecce.
  • Polignano - It's easily reached by train from Bari and it's absolutely amazing town that you must visit! 
  • Trapani - there is a perfect place to start your trip in Sicily! You can take an internal flight form Siena airport for example to Trapani like I did almost 10 years ago :)
  • Cefalu - don't miss the amassing views from the top of the hill.
  • Palermo - tasting the local food is a must, especially the see food and fruits and vegetables from some of the many fruit markets. And be carful while crossing the streets..the traffic is crazy :)
  • Agrigento - it's famous with it's Valle dei Templi - one of the most outstanding examples of the Greek (Yes, that's correct - Greek)  art and architecture.
  • Paris - I fell in love with the narrow streets and the cute little shops in Montmartre in Paris! 
  • Nancy - It's one very charming small town
  • Barcelona - one of my favorite parks in Barcelona is the The Labyrinth Park. It's not so and not so well know among the tourists so you can have some quiet and peaceful time. And something else, that I still haven done, but really want to do is to take a one day trip to Montserrat. Check out my sister's blog to learn more about this place!
  • Madrid - having lunch at Casa Mingo was the best idea we had!
  • Toledo -  avoid the main streets and the tourists and take a detour instead. You might be pleasantly surprised by the hidden places you will encounter ;) I spend some time in advance to prepare my alternative tour so I can make sure that I will have a nice quiet walk and at the same time I won't miss any of the attractions I wanted to see.
  • Thassos - most of the people go there to enjoy the amazing beaches but do not underestimate the beauty and the atmosphere of the small villages in the center of the island. If you have the time you should explore also the insides of Tassos.
  • Halkidiki - you will need a car to explore the cost. If you don't have personal one, rent!
  • Thessaloniki - be careful with the Greek coffee, it is very, very strong!
Czech Republic:
  • Prague - I just love it! And the local pubs and the food they are serving.. so tasty!
  • Bucharest - if you visit the city during the summer, there are many parks with lakes all around the city center, where you can escape from the heat.
  • Bran - you will need a car to explore and fully enjoy the area.
  • Didim - I had a wonderful time at Palm wings beach resort
  • Kusadasi  - the local Palm wings beach resort is not bad, but it is also not that good as the one in Didim, but on the other hand, there you can witness one of the best sunsets ever!
  • Ohrid - the reputation of the restaurant Gladiator in Trip adviser is well deserved! It's located right next to the ancient theater of Ohrid.
  • Durres - if you go there during the off-season, you can have the hole cost to yourself. The only problem will be that there won't be so many restaurant open, so probably you won't have so big of a chose.
  • London - I just love London's markets! For me it's a must to visit at least one each time when I go there.
  • Southend on sea - if the weather's nice go and have a picnic at the Hadleigh castle. It can be easily reached by train from Southend to the Leigh on Sea Train Station. From there you can take a very nice walk and reach the ruins in 30-40 minutes.

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