Thursday, August 23, 2012

Boji most (God’s bridge) near Vratsa

It is just unbelievable that this is my first time to go to this magical place!!!

It’s a place so near Vratsa, the city where I grow up in, and still I even didn’t know that it exists!

It’s on 15 kilometers drive from the city. The road is not the best we can ask for but at least it’s leading directly to the so called Boji most (God’s bridge) and has a lot of signs all over the road so you can not get lost.

It’s a natural phenomenon created as a result of the underground river. I was told that it’s called Lilyashkata bara :)

The first thing that you will see when you arrive there is the fortress of the medieval Bulgarian village in a place called Gradishte.

Then to reach Boji most you need to go left and you will see one of the most amazing places :)

If you take the road to the right side you will find the so called °Izvor na Chudesata° (spring of miracles). It’s a perfect place if you what to spend your afternoon surrounded by the nature. You can go there fishing or just to have a picnic as we did :)

The  fortress:

 Boji most (God’s bridge):

°Izvor na Chudesata° (spring of miracles):

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