Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bulgarian countryside

         When you are living in a big city like in the capital for example probably it's a good idea to go to the countryside from time to time. And this is what I did this weekend :)

        If you are wandering what you can do in the countryside what do you think about this..

       You can start with having some relax time in the Varvara's mineral water pool resort:

         Then you can go for a nice walk in the Rodopite mountain and where you will see one very ancient church hidden in the forest:

         At the end you can visit also Pazardjik city which is only a 10 minutes by care and have a walk in the island called the Liberty island which is in the middle of Maritsa river:

       And yes, there is also a zoo :)

     I can say that I fill like a new person now! All the stress form the last week is just a memory :)

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