Monday, March 11, 2013

From Sofia to Chepelare and back

        If you are wondering what to do during the weekends here is one idea. Why don't you have a trip to the Rodopite mountain? You can spend a lovely time in Chepelare, to try the traditional meals and to have a picnic in the forest near The Wongerful Bridges. :) 

        If you have more time, there are a lot of other places I advise you to visit on your way from Sofia to Chepelare and back.

       You can stop by in Plovdiv and see the old town. You can also make a stop in Asenovgrad and see the "Asen's Fortress". The Bachkovski monastery is also on your way. 

       You can take some time to have a nice walk in the Cross Forest ("Krustova Gora").

       As always here are some photos :)

Morning in Chepelare

In the woods

The Wonderful Bridges

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