Friday, March 22, 2013

My favorite travel destination - Sicily, Italy

Exploring Sicily

     This trip turned out to be one of my favorite trips ever. Thanks to my friends I will be able to show you some pictures as well as it will be too hard for me to describe Sicily only with words. Of course the best way to see and feel Sicily is if you just pack your bag and go there :)

     I am not exactly sure who gave the idea but we all loved it and so it was decided. Back then we were all living in Florence so we've took a flight from Pisa to Trapani.

     Trapani is situated on the west coast of Sicily. It's very unique city like everything else there.

     After a nice walk we arrived in a small village nearby where we've stayed on camping for 2 days.

     On the second day we went to see Segesta. It's located in the northwestern part of Sicily. We visited the Doric temple which is incredibly well preserved though it has been built in the late 5th century BC.

     The view form the hill was just amazing:

     On the third day we left the camping and we took the train to Palermo. It's an amazing city!

     Palermo Cathedral - Arabo-Norman Heritage.

     Castello della Zisa - testimony of Arabic culture in Sicily.

    Our next stop was Cefalu located on the northern coast of Sicily.

    Just in the center of the town there is a lovely Cathedral build in 1131 with a very interesting architecture in a Norman style.

     There is a huge rock rising above the city. If you climb on top of it you will see the most amazing view ever :) 

     My last stop was Agrigento, a city on the southern coast of Sicily.

     It's famous with the valley of the temples (Valle dei Templi). One of the examples of Greece art and architecture. Even the rain that was falling all day long didn't stop us from seeing it :)

     There is so much more of Sicily that I still need to see. I've made a promise to myself that I will get back there someday. And I definitely will! :)
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