Friday, May 10, 2013

My "Must visit" list - The Rose Festival :)

     Bulgaria is famous with its rose oil called as well "the liquid gold". The high qualities of the Bulgarian Kazanluk rose is well known. The rose oil is used for the making of perfumes, chocolates, liqueur and jam. One kilogram of it is extracted from about 3000 kg of roses where each flower is  picked by hands. The period of the harvest lasts only 20-25 days and there are more than 2000 people occupied in it each year.

     The Rose Festival is one of the events that you just shouldn't miss if you happens to be in Bulgaria in the end of May or in the first week of June. It originates from the celebrations held at the beginning of the rose-harvesting period. It started in Kazanlak in 1903. Some time after similar celebrations start also in Karlovo. The Rose  Festival is becoming national in 1967. 

     Nowadays it has become an international event where thousands of guests are coming to The Rose Valley to see The Queen of Roses, the harvesting ritual and the parade. 

      For the once that would like to visit the Rose Valley here is the program of the Rose Festival 2013.

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