Sunday, July 21, 2013

Trip to Pirin mountain - Delchevo village

      Delchevo is a small mountain village located in Pirin mountain at 1050 m. altitude. It's at 9 km distance from Gotse Delchev and at 18 km from the border with Greece. The village has a typical architectural style. I just love the narrow, cobblestone streets and the houses made by stone and wood. Much of the buildings were built in the late XIX and early XX centuries by local craftsmen. Today around 27 of the renaissance houses are considered historical monuments. There is a small  church which has been built in 1838.

      The area around the village is perfect for tourism and there are more and more people going there to spend some quiet and peaceful time. As a result during the past few years Delchevo has changed a bit. There are some new hotels and guest houses. The main square and the city hall have been renovated.  The old school has become Tourist Information Center. But the spirit remains intact.

       The people from Delchevo are very friendly and they are always in a mood to tell you some very interesting stories


The village hall:

The genealogical tree:

Shapkovata kruchma:

Ethnographic complex Delchevo:

The streets:

Solomontova kushta:

Mangalova kushta:

Popova kushta:

To be continued...

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