Thursday, January 15, 2015

My "Must visit" list - Koprivshtica!

     Koprivshtitsa is situated at a distance of110 km south-east of Sofia. It's near to the Topolnitsa river in the heart of Sredna Gora Mountain. There are nine peaks surrounding the city. With its beautiful nature and authentic architecture from the 17-18th century, Koprivshtitsa is one of my top 3 "must visit" destination for this year.

     Here are some interesting facts: 
  • The city is well known as a center of education, literature and culture during the Bulgarian Renaissance period;
  • Koprivshtitsa was announced for town-museum in 1952;
  • Since 1971 the city has become architectural and historical reserve;
  • Even if it is a small city there are 388 monuments in the town.

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