Thursday, January 29, 2015

My road trip to Romania! Part I

    Our road trip to Romania started on Saturday morning. At 6 am we were already on the road. Our destination was the small town of Bran in Transylvania. We arrived  in the afternoon after 10 hours drive but it was worth it. We had a reservation in a small hotel with view of the Bran Castle, known also as the Dracula's Castle. 

     As it was already late and the Castle was closed for visits we went for a walk in the town and we had very nice diner in one of the local restaurants. We visited the Bran Castle on the next day right after breakfast. I have to say that it was very impressive!

     Our second stop was the Peles Castle located in the Carpathian Mountains near Sinaia within 1 hour drive from Bran. It is a Neo-Renaissance castle with a beautiful garden, built between 1873 and 1914. Very impressive as well ;)

     In the evening we had a lovely diner in a local restaurant in the old town of Brasov. Unfortunately we didn't have the time to view the town as it was already dark outside. Maybe the next time we will.

    We were very lucky these two days. The weather was very nice for this time of the year. On the second evening it started to snow and on Monday everything was white. It was also foggy that morning as you can see from the next photos, but this didn't stop us to continue with our plan and to visit one last place before we leave Transylvania - the Rasnov Fortress. 

     We saw the fortress from the car window on our arrival to Bran and we were so impressed that we decided to make some time and go visit it. The fortress is situated on a top of a hill near the town of Rasnov on 20-30 minutes drive from Bran. The Rasnov Citadel - a 13th century Romanian fortress, is also known as the "Fortress of Fear". It is one of the best preserved rustic citadels in Transylvania. 

to be continued..
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